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1  It is suitable for protecting circuit boards

2  Small size

3  Noncombustible insulating coating, solvent proof and resistant to high temperature

4  Uniform in fusing time

5 Good heat-durability Low temperature coefficient, Low noise, High load power, Non-flammability



1  Rated Power:1.4W5W

2  Resistance Range:0 1Ω~200Ω

3  Resistance tolerance: ±2%; ±5%; ±10% 

Product detail

A wire-wound fusible resistor is a resistor that is designed to burn open easily when the power rating of the resistor is exceeded.
Wirewound Fuse Resistors also known as FKN, FSQ Fusible Wire Wound Resistors.

There are some similarities between Resistors and Fuses in material and structure. Fusible resistors contain both functions, as being resistor in normal condition and changed into fuse while abnormal current comes into protect machines and equipment. Since two functions performed by one resistor, the cost therefore saved FKN and FSQ fusible resistor series are produced with precision technique to get exact fusing time.

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