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1  Good performance of anti-surge impact

2  Good fusing consistency

3  Small sizes, all-welded construction,lead free and easy to install

4  Excellent safety performance

5  High temperature molded encapsulation

6  Flex termination for absorbing thermal expansion


1  Rated Power:1 4W3W,SMD 0207J0309J0411J Series

2  Resistance Range:0 1Ω~2KΩ

3  Resistance tolerance: ±1%; ±2%; ±5%

Product detail
SMD Wire Wound Round Resistor is widely used for electric instruments, equipments, TV, Air-conditioning and so on. It offers a surface-mount option to handle high power with low thermal resistance. The surface-mount wirewound resistors offer energy handling many times higher than film chip resistors of similar power rating. The SM series compliant terminations eliminate the potential for cracking or solder joint failure, which can be a problem for large case size chip resistors. We can change the characteristics of the SM series and any other wirewound product to suit any customer requests.


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