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Development direction of resistors
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1. Miniaturization and high reliability;

Discrete small resistors will still have a wide range of USES, but will further reduce their size, improve their performance, and reduce their price;3. In consumer electronics, carbon film resistors will still prevail, while precision resistors will be dominated by metal film resistors, and most low-power wire-wound resistors will be replaced;

4. In order to adapt to the development of circuit integration and planarization, the need for flake resistors will increase significantly;The general type will tend to develop thick film resistors, while the precision type will still prefer the metal film and foil resistors in the thin film type.5. Develop the combined resistance network;

Ideal resistor

In an ideal resistor, the resistance value does not change with voltage or current, nor with sudden changes in current.Real resistors cannot achieve this.Today's internal design enables resistors to exhibit relatively small variations in resistance values at extreme voltages or currents (as well as other environmental factors, such as temperature).

Limitations of realistic resistors

Each resistor has an upper limit of the voltage or current it can withstand (depending on the volume of the resistor).If the voltage or current exceeds this range, the resistance value of the resistor will change first (in some resistors there can be drastic changes), which will cause damage to the resistor due to conditions such as overheating.Most resistors will indicate rated electrical power; others will provide rated current or voltage.

In addition, real resistors have small amounts of inductance or capacitance in addition to resistance, which makes them behave differently from ideal resistors.

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