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Precautions for resistors
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Resistance should be checked before use. To check its performance is to measure whether the actual resistance value is consistent with the nominal value and whether the error is within the allowed range.The method is to measure the resistance of the multimeter.

There are two things to take note of when measuring

1. The range shall be determined according to the measured resistance value, and the pointer shall be indicated in the middle section of the scale line, so as to facilitate observation.

After 2, determine the resistance range, to zero, the method is two pens and a short circuit (directly touch), adjust the "zero" electrical an exact pointer refers to the Ω dial "0", and then measure the resistance value.In addition, also pay attention to the hands do not touch both ends of the resistance or contact the metal part of the pen.Otherwise, it will cause test error.

The resistance measured by the multimeter approximates the nominal value.You can think that basically the quality is good, if the difference is too much or not at all, it is bad.

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