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Resistance classified by volt
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A. Wire-wound resistor is a resistor made by winding a resistor with a high-resistance alloy wire wound on an insulating skeleton and coated with a heat-resistant glaze insulating layer or insulating paint.Winding resistance has low temperature coefficient, high resistance value accuracy, good stability, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, mainly used for precision high-power resistance, disadvantages are poor high-frequency performance, time constant.

B. Carbon synthetic resistors are made by pressing carbon and synthetic plastics.

C. Carbon film resistor is made by plating a layer of carbon on the porcelain tube and deposizing the crystalline carbon on the ceramic rod skeleton.Carbon film resistor is the most widely used resistor with low cost, stable performance, wide range of resistances, low temperature coefficient and voltage coefficient.

D. The metal film resistor is made of a layer of metal on the porcelain tube, and the alloy material is evaporated on the surface of the ceramic rod skeleton by vacuum evaporation.

Metal film resistance has higher precision, better stability, noise and lower temperature coefficient than carbon film resistance.It is widely used in instruments and communication equipment.

E. Metal oxide film resistor is made by plating a layer of tin oxide on the porcelain tube, and deposizing a layer of metal oxide on the insulating rod.Because it is oxide itself, so under high temperature stability, heat shock, strong load capacity according to the use of the points, there are general, precision, high frequency, high voltage, high resistance, high power and resistance network.

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