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Special resistor
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1, safety resistance: also known as the fuse resistor, in normal circumstances, playing the dual role of resistance and fuse, when the circuit fault and its power over the rated power, it will be like a fuse fuses to make the connection circuit disconnect.Resistance fuse resistance are generally small (0.33 Ω Ω ~ 10 k), power is small.Common types of fuse resistors are: RF10, RF111-5 fuse resistors symbol type, RRD0910, RRD0911, etc.

2. Sensitive resistors: they are sensitive to certain physical quantities (such as temperature, humidity, light, voltage, mechanical force, gas concentration, etc.). When these physical quantities change, the resistance value of sensitive resistors will change with the change of physical quantities, presenting different resistance values.According to the sensitivity of different physical quantities, sensitive resistors can be divided into heat sensitive, humidity sensitive, light sensitive, pressure sensitive, force sensitive, magnetic sensitive and gas sensitive sensitive resistors.Sensitive resistors are made of almost all semiconductor materials, also known as semiconductor resistors.

The resistance value of thermistor varies with temperature, and the resistance of temperature rise is negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor.The negative temperature coefficient thermistor is used more, and can be divided into ordinary negative temperature coefficient thermistor;Stable type negative temperature coefficient thermistor;Temperature measuring type negative temperature coefficient thermistor, etc.Photosensitive resistance is the resistance value of resistance changes with the intensity of incident light, when

When the light intensity is enhanced, the photosensitive resistance decreases, while when the light intensity is weakened, the resistance value increases.

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